Sam Tring, with her vibrant red-hair, boho-chique style and South London roots, uses a mixture of influences to create her own unique style. Her rich vocal tones and jazzy melodic musical choices gives her soul-pop sound a distinct edge.

Check out her incredible, brand new collection of songs within her EP ‘Beautiful Realisations’- each of the 5 compelling tracks contain a different realisation that has enlightened and enriched her perspective towards towards life, love and personal growth in this past year.

Expect eye-opening, thought-provoking and sometimes sarcastically witty lyrical content, along with a wonderful brass section, intoxicatingly alluring vocal tone, jazzy melodic note choices and inspiring revelations of positivity and light.

Sam Tring’s collection of Beautiful Realisations ring true with those who feel they are sometimes on a down-hill struggle yet want to challenge their mindset and conscious awareness towards living their best life with clarity and a beautiful, brighter sense of awareness.